Corporate Events

An Inspiring place to get creative for your next team building event!

Be it a small staff or a large one up to 70, Clay Cafe can plan a creative adventure designed to bring your team out of their shells and have them enjoying themselves.
Art has a way of bringing people together no matter age, ability, or experience. It’s relaxing, calming, and a very present activity.
Everyone is an artist and we can take the fear out of the creative process so your whole team can be proud of what they create.

Check out these Amazing Creative Adventures for your next corporate event!

Elephant Optimism tile mural created for South Colchester Academy
Minds are like parachutes tile mural design before paint
Birds over a river mural design
Mr. Rogers quote in a tile mural

Tile Murals
Perfect for groups to showcase who they are, and create an amazing project that can be displayed in the office, staff room, or boardroom. Clay Cafe will work with your group to design a tile mural that your group can then paint. Clay Cafe’s artists will draw the desired design onto the tiles. Be it a company logo, a play on your mission statement, or an inspiring quote or scene. We do the design work so your group or staff don’t have to worry about “drawing” they just paint it, fun for everyone! We then mount and frame the mural masterpiece and it’s ready for hanging. Big or small this tile mural project has a professional finished look. Your staff will be amazed and proud of their efforts.
Cost varies by tile size , dimension and design. Please inquire for the rates

Mr. Rogers quote mural finished and framed
Elephant optimism tile mural finished and framed
Dr. Suess quote tile mural finished and framed
Stack of owl mugs

Office Mugs
This is great for the office who love their Coffee! Paint your own mug or paint mugs for each other. This could get interesting….
We will help with design and the creative process. Your workplace will be full of fun mugs created by your team and everyone will definitely know who’s mug is whose. Guaranteed fun!
Cost varies on mug style and we have many, ranging from our classic 12 oz mug at $21.99 to travel mugs at $24.99

Just Paint!
Perfect for groups who want to do just that, come to Clay Cafe and paint. After all it is what we are all about. Choose from hundreds of items on our shelves. From mugs, bowls, piggy banks, fun figurines, dinnerware, and so much more. This option allows your team to decide the day of your event what they will be painting. This is great for those last minute get togethers.
Cost average $25/person

Painting plates
Clay Cafe Truro inside the studio

What’s included in your corporate event?
Clay Cafe will provide all instruction and be on hand to help. Painting is relaxing and brings out the best in everyone.
Everyone creates and paints all the while enjoying the unique experience that is Clay Cafe. Adding to the fun of your creative adventure, Clay Cafe gives gift coupons away to your group. We know that painting pottery is addictive and your staff will want to return and paint again. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

Want the Clay Cafe studio all to yourselves?  It can happen!
Depending on your group size, and requirements a studio fee may apply.

*Private Functions wishing to serve alcohol must be closed to the public and as such must meet certain requirements.
Including a special occasion liquor licence.

Just let us know & we’ll help make your group event happen.

Creative Adventures start here at Clay Cafe
If you have an idea for your corporate event? let us know and we will work to help make it happen.