Pottery Card Tile tile Image

Our Classic Tiles make a fun, creative alternative to a traditional greeting card, and they cost about the same too!
They come in 2 sizes  4″ at $8.99 and 6″ at $12.99. These fun ideas are in studio and can be copied.
You don’t have to draw anything. We can show you how to transfer the image onto the tile so all you have to do is paint!
Quick • Easy • Awesome

espresso Greetings Tile
penne Tile
pig time Tile
No bunny Tile
espresso Greetings Tile
Brewtiful Tile
cool beans Tile
 cherish Tile
pineapple Greetings Tile
I glove you Tile
Otter Tile
No bunny Tile
Mushroom Greetings Tile
Pizza Tile
Aloe Tile
Ovary Acted Tile
Gratest Greetings Tile
Turtle Tile
Pear Tile
Saur Tile
Seasons Greetings Tile
you make miso happy Tile
Grinch Tile
Four Calling Birds Tile
Gingerbread Tile
Peas on earth Tile
Turtle Dove Tile
Reindeer Tile
Bee Merry Tile
Yoda Snowman Tile
Tree Rex Tile
Fleese Navidad Tile
Polar bear in a sweater Tile
Family Tile
Season to be Freezin' Tile
Joy Tile